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Affection of yushu, do

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On April 14, 2010, 07 49 points, when the magnitude 7.1 earthquake in yushu Tibetan autonomous prefecture in qinghai yushu county. According to qinghai province earthquake relief headquarters report, as of 17 April 25 afternoon, yushu earthquake has caused 2220 people were killed and 70 people missing, 12135 injured. Earthquake also caused 15000 houses collapsed and 100000 people need to be relocated. Seismological bureau has made evaluation at that time, roughly estimate loss in 640 billion.

Earthquake touched the hearts of all Chinese people after the disaster happens, all walks of life, in various forms to the disaster area people dedicate a love, send a blessing for the people of yushu. Wednesday night concert hall held on CCTV 1, "sentiment of yushu, big love boundless - large donations for earthquake relief special activity". According to statistics, the fundraising party raised funds 2.175 billion yuan, the amount of more than 2008 CCTV the wenchuan earthquake party raised 1.514 billion yuan.

On April 21, 2010, the decision of the state council, to express the Chinese people of all ethnic groups in qinghai yushu earthquake victims compatriots deep condolences, the national and overseas embassies lower flags, public recreational activities will be stopped. But our response to a decision, lower flags in the day, and in the company all staff in silence for three minutes at ten o 'clock in the morning, as a memorial to the disaster area compatriots. At the same time, organize the staff donation activities, let every employee physically to yushu people give mental support and material assistance, hope countrymen in the disaster areas to rebuild their homes soon, out of the heart shadow of disaster recovery happy and peaceful life. The donation activity, and in the name of the company to donate a total of thirty thousand yuan, the staff and fundraising income remittances to the Red Cross society China account, contribute to the relief work of the masses to render a.

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