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Electric water heaters are revealed what you don't know the secret

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With electricity as an energy source for heating water heater is often referred to as electric water heater. The gas water heater, solar water heater in parallel, one of the three largest water heater.

The use of electric water heater water quality problems should be paid attention to. China's vast territory, around the water quality difference is great.

For water storage type electric water heater, it is best to use the softening of tap water. The hardness of water quality, as long as see if you home when boiling water often scaling (scale for the mixture of calcium and magnesium) will be clear at a glance, easy to furring water should not be directly for the use of the water heater (for the gas water heater is more important). Around the water hardness is high, will cause the electric heater into thick dirty clothes, reduce the heating efficiency, due to the heat transfer at a slower pace, will endanger the life of the electric heater itself. In addition, the scale of pipe mouth layer thickening constantly, will make the tube diameter decreases, and even blocked, water heater failure. So the hardness of water is critical, conditions should be in front of the water heater inlet pipe and a small softening device, in order to reduce water hardness. Incidentally, higher water hardness, in the process of heating, and the degree of scaling of substances such as calcium and magnesium in the water content, temperature, pressure, time, and the structure of the electric heater and the container also have close relationship.

For instant water heater, heating water flow, water stop stop, general control under 65 degrees temperature, high temperature water will not gathered inside the fuselage, there is no chance to scale.

Inside the tank is the key of electric water heater, the product surface treatment is very important, it is to determine the main basis of electric water heater fixed number of year of the warranty. Store sold by the electric water heater at present basically has the following two tank: stainless steel tank, the material is good, not easy to rust, but hidden dangers for weld is not easy to find, after several heat bilges cold shrink, stainless steel chrome will be in tap water in the chloride ion corrosion, after a long time may be leaking in welding place; Enamel on the surface of the enamel tank, the tank for non-metallic materials, does not rust, corrosion, do bravery with a thick plate body, has the strong compression capacity, high glaze of baotou steel tank best anti-corrosion properties of insulation, longer life. Consumers a badder-like inner container inside enamel of optional, most vendors promise more than five years.

In addition, in order to prevent from corrosion on the inner surface, inside the machine is equipped with a stick of magnesium, magnesium rod is used as a sacrificial anode in the water heater. Because of the high magnesium metal reactive than iron, at the same time in the magnesium rods with ordinary steel plate exposure, magnesium rod first instead of steel corrosion, so as to achieve the purpose of protecting steel tank. How long does it take to replace a magnesium rods? A badder-like inner container inside enamel of according to different water quality, the water heater in the magnesium rods is need to change 1 ~ 2 years. Otherwise once the magnesium rods are used up, water heater will soon be corrosion, the water is leaking.

Electric water heater can be divided by storage in the thermal type and displacement (also known as water or heat accumulation type) two; Displacement is the main form of electric water heater, according to the different methods of installation, can be further divided into vertical and horizontal type and floor type, according to the pressure on it or not, and can be divided into simple type (open) and pressure (closed), according to the size and volume can be divided into big volume and small displacement.

Instant water heater usually takes more than 20 or even 30 amperes of current, that is hot, the water temperature is constant, high heating efficiency, small installation space. Low processing internal quality instant water heater, can increase the shunt in the installation, can provide multiple tap water supply, high power products installed in the bathroom, which can be used to shower, can also be used to wash, average household use of energy saving and environmental protection. According to the demand of the market, instant water heater and further differentiation into the shower and kitchen (called the small kitchen treasure).

Storage water heater is divided into two categories, open and closed. Early storage water heater is open type or open type, the more it has simple structure, small size, by hanging on high pressure spray, water flow is small, but the price is low, less suitable for the population, family not very rich, only do bath use family to buy. Open type electric water heater with no pressure in the tank design performance, so can't to supply water to the water more than the other line, limited functionality. Enclosed type electric water heater tank is sealed, tank pressure is very big, the bladder pressure, so can more road, water supply, can be used for both shower, also can be used in the bath, can also be used to wash clothes, wash dishes, price is relatively expensive, in one thousand yuan commonly. Store water heater can be automatic constant temperature thermal insulation, power failure can also supply the hot water. On the domestic market at present electric water heater is mainly closed storage water heater, it needn't chamber is installed, do not produce harmful gases, the clean health, and can be easily thermal control.

Enclosed storage water heater working principle is very simple, they use a electric heating tube, after the electricity to provide heat water. The tank storage of hot water and bearing pressure 0.6 MPa (about 6 kg/cm2), shell heat preservation. Difference between the products firstly embodies in heating tube, have immersed type, namely direct contact with the heating water, and isolation. Heating pipe is 1.2, 1.5 and 2.5 KW power to choose from. Controlled by a thermostat, heating tube to set the required temperature and maintain a constant water temperature in the tank, and within the scope of 40 ℃ ~ 75 ℃ is adjustable. Timing products series of time control system can bring maximum energy saving, match again with time-sharing meter, can save a lot of electricity. Some products also have large screen LCD display, single bond shuttle operation interface and real-time fault monitoring function. A pressure relief valve electric water heater must be installed to ensure that the overpressure relief. As much as possible in order to reduce heat loss, polyurethane or between the shell and the tank is adopted high density foam thickness of insulation layer.

According to different installation way, the electric water heater can be divided into hanging capacity from 8 to 500 litres. Floor capacity is larger, usually for collective or industrial use; Hanging the small capacity of the varieties, they in and out of the water pipe connector located at the upper end rather than the bottom, so it should be in the position of hanging wall close to the ground.

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