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Maintain a tip water heater also need often take a shower

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Had gone into the winter, "tired" broken water heater in the summer, when the work gradually, many people in the water heater is more and more small, sometimes not on fire, even deflagration phenomenon happens. Experts say, maintenance cleaning should not be ignored. If water heater is not cleaned for a long time, will inevitably bring certain influence to use.

For electric water heater, use for a long time, and mineral water containing trace impurities after settling down for a long time, regular cleaning, such as not affect water quality and the service life, so regular cleaning the tank is necessary. No less than once a year in the regular inspection of safety performance, and other possible carefully to detect and eliminate potential hazards do; Long-term need not when, want to shut off the power, water storage emptying the bladder; In order to ensure the normal use of the water heater, still need safety valve for not less than once a month of maintenance, ensure the normal pressure relief valve.

Gas water heater maintenance method: always check whether the gas supply pipeline everywhere interface is leak, rubber hose is in good condition, for aging, appear crack, if found, it should be replaced in a timely manner. According to the instructions on the use of the product, change regularly batteries, general 4 months need to change again. Regularly clean water filter, such as a water heater, dozen don't fire wait for a phenomenon, may have contamination jams mesh, can ravel cold water imports the place that receive refute to take out mesh to clear. After the water heater USES period of time, can open case of water heater face, use dry cloth to wipe clean ignition needle and blaze induction needle, efforts to pay attention to wipe shoulds not be too big, can move otherwise ignition needle or inductive needle position, and affect the use of the water heater. Should be clean once every six months the water heater heat exchanger (namely cistern) dust.

The solar water heater maintenance method:

1. The drainage system on a regular basis to prevent pipeline blocking; And the water tank cleaning, to guarantee the water clean. Sewage, ensure the normal order of the water, open the discharge valve, the drain valve out of clear water.

Containers 2. Remove the sun sets regularly on the transparent cover plate of dust, dirt, keep the flat clean to ensure the high light transmittance. Cleaning should be early in the morning or evening sunshine is not strong, the temperature is lower.

(3) for vacuum tube solar water heater, to check the vacuity of the vacuum tube or inside the glass tube is broken, as the vacuum tube barium - titanium getter black, namely that vacuum degree has fallen, the need to replace the area.the.

4. Check the pipes, valves, ball valves, solenoid valves, connect the hose without leakage, if any should be timely repair, prevent nausea drying.

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