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Public welfare plan for feeding back the society

  With rapid improvement of social economy, all industries have developed smoothly and exploited overseas markets since the reform and opening-up policy, and all industries have marched forward some new steps. Zhongshan Xinshi Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. has had a history for 13 years under substantial social environment. The process is hard but fruitful. When the company’s development scale became larger and larger, company profits have also increased correspondingly. Through discussion of the company’s senior management, the company decides to conduct social feedback activities with a part of benefits.

  In the past, our company has also earnestly concerned social activities for public good. For example, on May 12, 2008, when all Chinese can not forget, “Wenchuan Earthquake” affected each Chinese, during which our company organized all staffs to donate, to show our affection. We hope that Sichuan compatriot can rebuild their homes. In May, 2009, the company organized staffs to watch earthquake memoir of Wenchuan Earthquake. We shall assist Sichuan compatriots in post-disaster reconstruction! And at the same time, the company’s senior management came to Sichuan in May, 2009 to know about post-disaster reconstruction and living of local residents, to give certain helps to them. We hope that Sichuan compatriots can cheer up from sorrows.

  In the past, the company’s senior managers have visited impoverished mountainous areas irregularly, to know about that smooth and steady life is not easy. Therefore, we shall help people in need.

  The company will make a complete plan in the next year and use a part of benefits for supporting poor families, subsidizing poor students with outstanding academic results, visiting schools in impoverished mountainous areas, or donating to charities. Therefore, the enterprise can feed back the society when it is cultivated by the society, to make contributions to social development and prosperity.

“Wenchuan Earthquake” fund-raising event held by the company
1st Anniversary of WenChuan Earthquake
Residents affected by earthquake
Roads under reconstruction